80’s Themed party

Ever watched an 80’s movie and fell in love with everything about it? So has the team here at MiHi Entertainment. There’s just something so appealing about the style. All the colors just pop and the vibe is just something that never seems to go out of style. We have put together the perfect setup to send you straight back to the 80’s. We wish we could send you off in a Delorean, leaving Emmet “Doc” Brown standing in flaming tire tracks, but we think you’ll have quite the time.


The 80’s Themed party never dies

The music. The movies. The clothes. The hair. Everything about the 80’s was totally rad!

Mihi Entertainment knows just how to capture the mood of the 80’s and bring you the gnarliest of 80’s themed parties!

Awesome backdrops, themed props, and custom designed photo strips are sure to bring the atmosphere of the 80’s to your party.