Cost of a Photo Booth

The Cost of a Photo Booth-

I'm surprised how often people who are looking for services always look for the cheapest available. There's this phrase, 'you get what you pay for' and it is very true when it comes to the cost of a photo booth.

You might think the only cost of a photo booth at your event is the paper and ink ($75 avg. per 3hr booking), but don't forget about the attendant who sets up the booth, entertains the guests, then breaks it down at the end of the event ($150-250 per 3hr booking). Don't forget about the insurance we pay to protect you and your guests if they get injured ($100/mo).

What about the actual booth itself with high end components to ensure reliability and high quality photos ($10,000-$20,000 per photo booth)? And without regular maintenance ($50/mo/booth)and software updates ($100/yr/booth) each booth would only last a few months.

Do you want to use old broken props that have someone else's makeup on them from the last event or do you want new, clean props($50-200 per booking)? Would you rather stand in front of a plain old wall or use a glamorous backdrop ($100-700 /backdrop)

Let me just throw in the most obvious one, taxes! If the company you use isn't paying taxes, they're most likely not a real business which makes tracking them down very hard if they don't follow through with your agreement.

And let's not forget about scheduling your event, designing the layout, REMEMBERING the details (we use booking software- more $$$), hosting your pictures, etc., etc., etc. PHEW!

These are obviously not all costs involved in running a photo booth business, but I think you get the idea. So when you're looking for the cheapest photo booth company, or any company for that matter, think to yourself, 'what are they skimping out on in order to be able to charge this little?'