Boomerang GIf Booth

Boomerang Photo Booth

Sure, prints are a pretty cool take home for your guests, but they're not your only option. Our Boomerang and GIF booths bring about a new kind of fun for picture taking that can be shared on social media for the world to see.

Check out this GIF and tell me you wouldn't stop scrolling through Facebook to take a closer look if this popped up on your feed. Pair it with an animated overlay to really get your point across. 

Our boomerang photo booths are great for any occasion, especially those events where you want a unique photo experience. 

Boomerang booth with Animated Overlay

Boomerang booth with Animated Overlay



Reasons to have a gif photo booth at your next event

  • They’re FUN

  • Social media sharing

  • They can be used as videos (videos are shared 6x more often on social media than photos)

  • You can animate your photo frame

Not only do photo booths offer instant printing, there's also the digital sharing side of the photo booth that could be a potential marketing goldmine for your business. Scroll down to find out why you should have digital sharing with your GIF photo booth


BOomerang GIF - Text Marketing

Most cellphone users are more engaged with texting than any other app on their phones. The messages they receive from friends and family are checked instantly, so why not send them one too?

Users want to see your message

In order for users to receive a text from you, they have to actually put their phone numbers into the photo booth. Why would they do that? Because they're also going to receive their fun photo booth pictures. Add a custom message alongside their photo with an effective call to action and a direct link to your desired webpage and watch as the traffic rolls in.

Set yourself apart from other marketing with boomerang gIF

Consumers check their texts within minutes of being received and aren't fully used to receiving marketing texts the same way they're used to their email inbox being flooded with marketing emails. Set yourself apart by using texts and get your target audience to actually become your real audience. 

Big Night Boomerang.gif
Send photos straight to your guests phone!

Send photos straight to your guests phone!

It is extremely easy

Crafting a text is much easier than designing an email. You don't have to worry about formatting, style, design or writing a lengthy email. Simply send your audience a one sentence message that includes your CTA and a link.

You can hone in on your target audience

You have the details of your event and you already know why guests came to your event. Use that knowledge to write a highly targeted text (as well as landing page) for your guests. 

Though text marketing with a photo booth has a typically smaller pool of recipients than email blasting all of your email contacts, the combination of a highly targeted audience and reaching out to them directly through text should be able to get your message out to prospective customers in a more efficient way than relying on the law of large numbers to work for you.