Christmas Photo Booth

The New Era of Christmas Parties

Some of our favorite memories are from Christmas. Food. Family. Friends. Finally being able to open all those presents under the tree!


It’s also a time of reflection. To look back on the past year. All the changes. The hardships. The successes.


Christmas parties are the perfect way to bring that same magic to your company.


Increasingly, people want more from their workplace. More inclusive. More integrated. More like a family.


Christmas parties are the perfect way to improve your company culture!

Give the Gift of Memories

We’ve all been there, though. The lame company Christmas party. Bland food. Watered down drinks. Forced interactions. Silly team building games. Long winded speeches.


Don’t do this. Don’t be lame.


Here are some tips to build better connections with your party:

  • Book a good location. Preferably off site. That way people don’t retreat to their normal hangout places. You want to shake it up!

  • Hire a caterer. Way easier than trying to cook everything yourself or doing a potluck. Plus, safer food and different dietary choices!

  • Schedule the date. Sure, you can have the party during work hours. But this is kind of boring. Pick a Friday or Saturday to make sure that people can relax and bring their loved ones.

  • Decorations. This doesn’t have to be award winning. Hit up your local dollar store or thrift shop for cheap decor. Remember to save them for next year and always keep building!

  • Music. Pick some holiday music, but don’t stick to just the standards. Mix in some other music to spice thing up and keep the party bumping!

  • Games. There are a ton of games to be played for Christmas parties! Don’t settle on speeches and intermingling. Get going with those icebreakers to ensure that people are building new connections! Some of favorites include the Ornament Guess, Two Truths and a Lie, and the Christmas Scavenger Hunt.

  • Hire the Christmas Photo Booth. Trust us. We’ve seen parties go from lame to insane by simply adding a Christmas Photo Booth… especially a MiHi Photo Booth.

Christmas Photo Booth Fun Explosion!

Hi. We’re MiHi Photo Booth. We’ve been voted best service in Denver for a reason. Not only do we provide the friendliest attendants, the zaniest props, the more reliable gear, and the quickest turnaround, we’re industry leaders in fun!


For example, we were the originators of the pose cards. (Link to Pose cards page)


Use us as an extension of your Christmas party fun!


Create an end of the night slideshow to vote on:

  • Ugliest sweater.

  • Best holiday outfit.

  • Craziest pose.

  • Best group.

  • Most awkward.

  • Longest hair.


You can even create a photo scavenger hunt!

  • Photo with a member of every department.

  • Photo with every manager.

  • Color-out photo (Photos with all the red outfits, all the green outfits, etc).

  • Glasses photo. All the employees who wear glasses.

  • Tallest people photo.

  • Shortest people photo.

  • Facial hair photo.

  • Bald photo.


Seriously, the possibilities are endless and are a great way to encourage creativity and improve the company culture.

Rent Your Christmas Photo Booth Today

We all hate lame Christmas parties. MiHi Photo Booth can bring that next level of excitement that your coworkers and employees crave!

It will be AWESOME. Guaranteed.

That’s why we’ve been voted best photo booth service in Denver.