Increase Engagement and Interaction with a Photo Booth

Increase attendee engagement using the photo booth to make it fun to interact and engage with other attendees at your event.

Interaction and Networking

In between sessions, have attendees use the photo booth to check off one of their tasks given through a conference scavenger hunt app such as . Not only can they get a photo print to set on their desk, they can also meet other attendees.

Pro tip- Create the task in a way that encourages attendees to meet new people. Ex. "Take a photo with a group of 5 other people".


Social Media Impressions

Entice guests to share their photos online using our raffle mode paired with a hashtag campaign. They'll want to keep taking and sharing photos with your hashtag in order to win prizes. 

Pro tip- Have a table of prizes next to the photo booth with a sign saying 'Win Me!'. When attendees ask how to win, explain to them that the photo booth will randomly choose users as winners, who then get to choose any prize.


Entertainment for Attendees

Having a night of fun after a day of presentations is a given, but what if they need a ticket to get into the party room? With our tear-off photo strips, your attendees will feel a sense of accomplishment when they hand the admissions desk a ticket to get into an exclusive room, all generated through having fun at the photo booth!

Pro tip- After everyone has made their way into the fun room, have your photo booth set up in the same room so they can continue using it. As more drinks are poured, more photos get taken!