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You’re about to make the best decision of your party planning career. As the esteemed philosopher and poet, Dr. Seuss once said, “it's fun to have fun but you have to know how.”

MiHi Photo Booth knows how.

We’re the ace up your sleeve. We’re the bazooka at a knife fight. We’re the wingman who will never ever steal your girl.

We’re your secret weapon for throwing the best party ever.

And we’re more affordable than you might think.

The Cost of a Perfect Party

Here’s the deal: We wish we could just slap some photo booth rental prices on our page and watch the happiness spread through Colorado like the Grinch who returned Christmas.

But photo booth prices are just part of the story… and not even the most important part!

There are so many variables that go into a successful setup that the internet might not have enough bytes to store all of the different permutations of photo booth rental packages. (We know, a little hyperbole, but you get the idea.)

Why? Because we can make your vision a reality.

There’s a reason why we’ve been voted the best in Denver for Photo Booth Service. We start by listening to you.

Infinite Possibilities. Infinite Fun.

MiHi Photo Booth does custom like no one else!

It’s all part of our commitment to ensure zero lame parties forever.

Here are some of the awesome things we do:

  • Pose Flashcards. A MiHi innovation which changed the Photo Booth World Forever!

  • Fun props. The largest selection. The zaniest choices. The most fun.

  • Unlimited Sessions. We’re pretty much Santa and the Easter Bunny combined with how much fun we provide.

  • Two Prints Per Session. Basic photo booth packages come with two prints to share the fun!

  • Customized Photo Strips. We love making something as unique as you for your party!

  • Engaging Attendant. Professional. Friendly. And fun! Our attendant keeps your guests entertained and wanting more!

  • Online Gallery. Download all of your photos afterwards to share with family and friends.

  • Choice of Backdrop. Basic. Premium. Greenscreen. Custom. You name it. We can bring it!

  • Additional Time. In case your party turns into a rager! Keep the fun going by letting your attendant know.

  • Idle Time. Special idle rates for those times you need to shut down the booth. Like speeches. Or bobbing for apple contests.

  • Digital Sharing. Let your guests share their photo directly to social media or their phones!

  • Social Media Kiosk. For those extra large parties! Photos get sent to the kiosk where guests can share directly to social media. Ask about branding opportunities for corporate events!

  • Green Screen. Custom like no one else! Replace the green with a custom screen! Forests. Unicorns. Wizards with waffle hats. We can do it.

  • Unlimited Prints. Make sure everyone in the shot gets a copy!

  • VIP Red Carpet Setting. For extra glamor, we can bring the red carpet and ropes for the VIP treatment.

  • Additional Photo Filters. Let your guests add a filter to the photos. 16 filters in all. Ranging from black and white, sepia, comic book, and a ton more!

  • Step and Repeat / Customized Backdrop. We say it over and over again: We do custom like no one else. Give us your logo, monogram, or name and we’ll create a backdrop like you see at awards shows and Hollywood events!

  • Memory Book. We’ll print an extra photo that will be placed in a beautiful memory book that your guests can sign. This isn’t a scrapbook you get at a discount craft store. This is a high quality, padded memory book with slots for the photos and designated space for your guest’s well wishes. This is the kind of book that could proudly displayed in your home or passed onto future generations.

  • All the Photo Booths. We have a photo booth that will fit your theme. Because we do custom like no else!

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