Put Your Best ‘Foot’ Forward...

Estes Park is one of Colorado’s absolute gems, but not for the reasons you’d normally think of.

Instead of being a ski town, it’s renowned for summer recreational activities. Especially as the gateway to Rocky Mountain National Park, one of the United States’ most beautiful and most visited parks!

In addition to the myriad of amazing outdoor recreational opportunities, including mountain biking, fly-fishing, wildlife watching, and hiking, this high elevation community is home to some of the best festivals and venues in the country.

Seriously, if you have an opportunity, don’t miss out on Bigfoot Days, one of our favorite offbeat events. If you get a chance, enter the Bigfoot calling competition, followed later in the day by the dance off.

It doesn’t hurt that Estes Park has some of the best brews in the country! Which we sometimes need a couple in order to really embrace the Sasquatch spirit.


Colorado’s ‘Shining’ Gateway

Along with world-class vistas, Estes Park has its share of world class hotels and venues, such as the Della Terra and the Stanley Hotel.

The Stanley Hotel is most famous for serving as the inspiration for Stephen King’s The Shining. He and his wife visited the famous hotel on one of the last days of the season during his residency in Boulder.

Though a different hotel was used in the movie, the Stanley Hotel seems to have embraced its connection to the modern American horror story by building a hedge maze for guests.

Despite the horror connection (or maybe because of it!) thousands of people celebrate one of the their most special days here.

Estes Park is a world class wedding destination. Not only that, but event planners are increasingly using the mountain gateway as the perfect location for parties, corporate events, and retreats.

And where there’s a party, you’ll find Mihi Entertainment.

Experience the Power of MiHi

If you want throw the best party possible, you already know you hire the best DJ, book the best caterer, and have the best entertainment.

Part of providing an amazing entertainment experience means not only providing activities that will engage your guests and stimulate their creativity, but also to capture the moment.

After all, if you don’t have pictures that you can share on social media, did it actually happen?

Renting an Estes Park photo booth from MiHi Entertainment provides the best of both worlds.

There’s something about the bright lights, props, Pose Flashcards and a timer that brings out the best in people! Combined with our award winning service and state of the art equipment, renting an Estes Park Photo Booth will guarantee an event that people will remember for years!

What’s Included in a Estes Park Photo Booth Rental

  • Pose Flashcards. We challenge your guests with funny pose once the timer starts. Guaranteed fun!

  • Amazing Photo Booth Props. The freshest props in Colorado!

  • Unlimited Sessions. Ensure the most fun by eliminating the stress of the perfect pose!

  • Two Prints Per Session. Comes with two prints. Ask about more for bigger groups!

  • Customized Photo Strips. The sky's the limit with customized borders!

  • Engaging Attendant. There’s a reason why we’ve been voted best in photo booth service!

  • Online Gallery. Don’t sweat the small stuff! Lost your photo? Download on our website!

  • Choice of Backdrop. If you can dream it, we can make it. Or choose from our huge stock of backdrops.

  • Idle Time. Don’t pay full rate for those special moments when the booth has to be shut down. Speeches. Cake cutting. Wookie wrestling. Etc.

  • Digital Sharing. Use the power of the web to send photos directly to your phone.

  • Social Media Kiosk. For huge groups! Send photos to a kiosk and then download or print at your leisure.  

  • VIP Red Carpet Setting. For those extra fancy parties! Get the royal treatment!

  • Additional Photo Filters. Spice up your photos with our filters! Think Instagram, but better!

  • Step and Repeat / Customized Backdrop. Like you see at the Oscars or other places. Use your logo or your uncle’s face. This is a judgment free zone!

  • Memory Book. A fun extra! We print out an additional photo and add it to a high quality book. Makes for a great heirloom or extra fancy paperweight!

  • All the Photo Booths. We can work with you to design a one-of-a-kind Estes Park photo booth. If you can dream it, we can be it. Probably.