Event Photography

An Event Photographer can be a fly on the wall capturing the spirit of your event, or offer engaging direction to get the very best event photos. Though a photo booth is a tried and true success at events, it doesn’t always succeed at capturing the spontaneity of the event like an event photographer does. They move about catching all the great and often funny interactions between the guests. An event photographer is a professional at more than just taking photos, they have a very refined eye for getting images that move us and bring us back to the moment as we remember it.


Event Photography captures it all

As much as we love our photo booths, we know that there is much more going on at an event. An event photographer can capture candid shots of guests having a great time, group portraits, all the hard work that went into setting it up, and everything in between.

any event is an opportunity for great event photography

  • Weddings

  • Non Profit

  • Social Events

  • Corporate Events

  • Mitzvahs

  • Holiday Parties

Event Photography and printing

The MiHi team knows that options are important. We have developed a product that allows the event photographer to print on site for those guests who would like to take something with them. We still offer the edited photos after the event, but this option just makes things a little more instant and exciting!

things to keep in mind when hiring an event photographer

An event photographer is very good at what they do, but knowing what is most important to you will go a long way in getting the best shots. We recommend you have an idea of specific parts of the venue and activities during your event, you want the photographer to pay special attention to. Also, don’t be afraid to approach the photographer and ask them for a photo of something happening, they will be happy to accommodate you!