Holiday Party Photo Booth

Holiday Party Photo Booth.jpg

Deck the halls with boughs of holly! Fa- La- La- La- L... STOP!

If you know us by now, you know we don't do lame parties.

You don't do fruitcake, so why should we?

Last year's Holiday Party was so LAST YEAR.

Your boss said this year's holiday party needs to be original, epic, the envy of the team down in Colorado Springs. No worries, we've got you covered.

Traditionally, partying with co-workers (even that weird guy from IT), can be a little awkward during your annual holiday party especially if someone gets smashed on too many Fireball Egg Nogs.

It happened last year. You know it's going to happen this year too.

Pictures or it didn't happen? Now you're speaking our language!

Holiday Party.jpg

Riding in like the big man in red and his 8 shining reindeer is our main attraction:

The Holiday Party Photo Booth.

Forget how the reindeer loved Rudolph! Your co workers, your boss, heck- even the IT guy will love you.

You may even go down in history as being the best Holiday Party organizer yet as your office will be singing your praises (when they sober up).

Nope. This won't be a Silent Night once MiHi Photo Booth shows up to the party!

Denver's #1 Photo Booth brings you a holiday experience to remember for years to come with our great selection of Holiday Party Photo Booths.

What we love even more than Grandma's homemade plum pudding is that our booths SHARE pictures!

Have your co workers share their jolly Holiday Party Photo Booth pictures (even the spiked punch ones) to your company social media, if you dare.

I bet the IT guy didn't see that coming!

Your boss is going to think you had elves hiding in your desk drawer. You may even get a raise!

Don't worry, we won't tell him what is in Santa's bag, but you can show him!

Invite One Of Our Holiday Party Photo Booths

  • Classic Booth- The One That Started It All

  • Retro Booth- Taking You Back to the 50's and 60's!

  • Corporate Booth- Sleek and Professional

  • Vintage Booth- For Those Gatsby BLING Events

  • MiHi Selfie- Set it and forget it!

  • Rustic Booth- Simple. Colorado Style!

  • Guitar Booth- Turn Your Party Up To 11

  • Mirror Booth- MiHi's COOLEST booth EVER!

Silver White Winters that melt into spring, our Holiday Party Photo Booth will be one of your favorite things!

We Do Great Parties. But no matter how many Holiday Parties we do, each one is unique!

Denver's #1 Holiday Photo Booths dash through the snow to SLAY your holiday party planning!

Our Holiday Party Photo Booths make party planners look like the angel or star on the top of the tree.

Don't take our word for it. Take a look at our list and don't forget to check it twice!

Our Holiday Party Photo Booths offer great perks!

Holiday Ornaments

Holiday Ornaments

  • Holiday Props- Festive Selection

  • Super Amazing Attendant- (Santa's Helper)

  • Unlimited Sessions- As Many Poses As You Want!

  • Customized Photo Strip Design- Better than a Christmas Card!

  • Photo Booth Backdrops- So Many Options

  • Online Gallery- Share With The Entire Staff!

Never worry about a lame party again with MiHi Photo Booth, Denver's A List Award Winner Best Photo Booth 2017.

We plan to win again in 2018, 2019 and 2020 too! As long as you are having parties, we want to be invited.

Burn that ugly holiday sweater and break out the BIG GUNS with MiHi's Holiday Party Photo Booth.

Sure, we do Holiday Party Photo Booths, but our Secret Santa ingredient is in your guests' experience when they say CHEESE, or kiss under the mistletoe! We want to be your go- to for events all year long.

Just ask PorchLight Real Estate Group. They LOVE our Holiday Party Photo Booths! There's nothing like going home for the holidays, and with as many Santa's Photos that we have done with this group, we feel like family.

Look, we know you don't want the only rumors going around to be about who is sneaking off with who at your company Holiday party.

Keep everyone on Santa's NICE list this year. Give them something to celebrate with warm wishes and great photo strips that they can take home by offering a Holiday Party Photo Booth at your next Holiday Party!