Photo Booth Lakewood


Weddings in Lakewood

Lakewood, the fifth largest city in Colorado is home to a few wonderful rustic style venues that we love and would love to visit again. 

Baldoria on the water

This unique venue boasts a rustic Italian setting in both their indoor and outdoor. Floral gardens, ballrooms, and fountains will leave you and your guests feeling like you're in a fairy tale. Want to have your wedding outdoors?

They've got a max capacity of 200 guests for their outside grounds and a max of 300 for their indoors. Rentals here start at $2,000 and can go up to $8000 for an 8 hour reservation with catering and alcohol included.

Weddings at Lakewood Homestead Golf Course

Another beautiful rustic venue (can you tell we love the rustic theme?) in Lakewood that we highly recommend for smaller weddings or for weddings on a budget. One of the benefits of having a wedding at a golf course is that there are all kinds of wide open spaces. Make sure to check out The Homestead Grill for their ahi tuna tacos.

Bonus: Casa Bonita

I'm not sure if you can have a wedding here, but how cool would it be to see the gorilla jumping off the cliff wearing a wedding dress?!