Mosaics - We are all part of the Team

If your event has so many guests that you’re worried about displaying the numerous memories captured, MiHi has got you covered. Our Mosaic Photo Booth will capture all the photos you need and create a larger image out of them. That’s right, we take the photos from your photo booth, photographer, and even your guests’ social media posts (see our section on hashtags below) and turn them into a mosaic during your event.

MiHi works with you before your event to design a customized mosaic grid onto which your event photos will be placed. We can customize based off of size and overall image to ensure the mosaic you take home is exactly what you pictured. The added touch with the Mosaic Photo Booth allows us to create your mosaic through a couple different options of which you can choose one or even both.

Printed Photo Mosaic Wall

After a guest has their photo taken or uploads a social media picture with your event’s hashtag, they will receive 2x2” copy with a number on it that corresponds to your personalized mosaic grid. Your guests can then physically help create your customized design as they take pictures - a great, interactive experience for each guest. The added touch of personality will make this a great addition to your already memorable day.

Immerse your Guests Digitally

 Do you recall the feeling you get when you take a flattering picture, a serious picture, or even a picture that makes you and your friends laugh? Imagine sharing that experience with everyone in your venue in real time. MiHi provides the option to create the mosaic digitally so it can be displayed throughout the venue for all guests to see its creation. In this instance, we will have a TV, projector, or whatever media you decide that will digitally display your customized mosaic grid. As pictures are taken (and hashtagged), they will appear on screen in the correct area of your grid for all of your guests to view as it is being created.

Creating a Successful Hashtag Campaign

Hashtags are a great way to promote your event on social media, share your memories, and help create mosaics. We will work with you to identify a hashtag unique to your event. During the event, we will advertise the hashtag for your guests to use on their social media accounts. As they take pictures on their personal devices, they can then upload their personal pictures to social media with the unique hashtag. These pictures will then go right to your mosaic as soon as they are uploaded, so long as the picture is set to public view on their social media account. The Mosaic Photo Booth is a great way to encourage guests to use your hashtag so everyone can view your event photos, ensuring even those not able to attend the event can view all the enjoyable memories created.

In the Corporate World

Trying to get your company well known? Launching a new brand, or revitalizing a current one? Let the Photo Mosaic Wall, give you the edge you are looking for. Maybe you’re looking to introduce your new logo - what better way to have it stand out than with photos taken and placed right at your launch party. It’s also a great experience to share with your customers and your employees. Take your personalized mosaic back to the office to display in your lobby for customers to view, or even in the break room for your employees to reminisce over the memories created during your event.

Having a company party and want to make it a very memorable night for your employees? Well this will do just that for you. The Mosaic Photo Booth, will add a unique touch to what would normally be a night of shop talk. Allowing your employees to relax and unwind, while having a good time and laughing with their co-workers, builds morale. Morale is key in a work place, and this would be the perfect boost for any company.

Need a Few Ideas?

Mockup of your mosaic before your event so there are NO surprises

Mockup of your mosaic before your event so there are NO surprises

Here are a few ideas that can be done with the Mosaic Photo Booth / Photo Mosaic Wall:

  • Logos

  • Brand Names

  • Numbers/ Letters:

    • Anniversary: Put your photos into one large “25” 

    • Birthdays: A large “16” with extra meaning for a sweet 16 party

    • Weddings: The initials of the lovebirds on their lucky day

    • A large “16” with extra meaning for a sweet 16 party

    • Weddings: The initials of the lovebirds on their lucky day

  • Symbols:

    • Graduation cap

    • Wedding ring

    • Holiday snowflake

Your Addition is Waiting for You

There’s no time like the present. The Mosaic Photo Booth / Photo Mosaic Wall is a simple step away. Contact our dedicated staff to book today. Have questions or concerns? We are here to help make the process as easy as possible for you. Our professionally trained attendants will be there every step of the way during your event to ensure things go just right for you and your guests, as well as to answer questions that may arise.