Your 6 POse Flashcards Are On Their Way

Thank you for taking the first step in creating the best photo booth experience. We've sent you an email with a download link to 6 of our pose flashcards. If you don't see them, please check your spam and white-list our email address.

...But you're not done yet

So you've got the poses covered. Grandma will be giving you her best muscle flex and Uncle Jim is going to be the prettiest Disney Princess you've seen since The Little Mermaid.

What about a themed photo booth to show your guests that EVERY DETAIL has been thought of? Have you considered what the quality of your actual photo print outs are going to look like? Will the printer even work?

Quality and reliability come with time and experience, and here at MiHi we are veterans in the events industry. In the extremely unlikely case something goes wrong, we WILL have a backup plan and we WILL make it right. Would you really want to risk having a disaster on your big day to save a few bucks?

Speaking of saving a few bucks, our pricing is extremely reasonable for what we provide. Don't believe me? Get our Pricing PDF below.