Roaming Mobile photo Booth is the Perfect Fit

A photo booth is the perfect, fun addition to any event or party you are planning. Our Roaming or Mobile Photo Booth will make a lasting impression at any event you are hosting, and will add a personal touch that will impress your guests. Show people the amazing time that can be had in a new, interactive way of photo booth experiences.

  • Corporate event/retreat

  • Holiday Party

  • Festivals

  • Car Shows

  • Custom themed events

MiHi’s Roaming or Mobile Photo Booth will help make your event a hit with lasting memories, and photos to share to keep the experience alive for years to come.

Photo Taking Fun Brought Right to Your Guests

Our Mobile Photo Booth lets your guests strike a pose right where they are. No leaving the dance floor, or standing in line to take memorable photos of their experience. No matter what type of event you are looking to host, our Mobile Booth will add a unique touch for all those attending.

Why a Roaming Photo Booth? With everything that goes into planning an event from the guest list to the venue, refreshments and entertainment, the photo options should be the least of your worries. No more looking for a photographer, waiting for the pictures to be ready, and having to pick them up, or have them mailed to you.

With our Roaming Photo Booth Rental, we not only take care of the scheduling, we take care of the photos, the fun, and your guests will have their photos before they leave, allowing you to focus on the other details and making the experience as easy for you as possible.

The Roaming or Mobile photo Booth Experience

Our charismatic attendants use the hand held Roaming Photo Booth to go to your guests. Whether dancing, having a drink, or chatting with friends, your guests will get high quality, branded photos that will make your unique event even more memorable. It is as easy as stop, snap, and when your guests are ready, print. Continue the fun while the Roaming Photo Booth makes the rounds for you and your guests. With the same high-quality photos that all of our booths take, the Roaming or Mobile Booth allows your guests to stay right where they are, and still have great photos to share, post, and keep.

Mobile Booth Print Stations

Not only will our attendants take the photos for you, they can also set up wireless print stations. These stations will allow your guests, at their convenience, to print their photos, or email/text the photos to themselves, or others in attendance. With multiple print locations, they can get back to the fun with ease and with minimal waiting, so let the fun continue. With these stations, you are also able to customize the printing experience or sharing experience, allowing you to add your own personal touch every step of the way. The Mobile Photo Booth provides the same high-quality photos as a stationary photo booth does.

Customize your Roaming or Mobile photo Booth Rental

We have many options available for your rental needs. Our experienced staff is waiting to discuss your event, your ideas, and help make your Mobile Photo Booth Rental as easy and enjoyable as your event. Our professional and fun attendants will help along the way during your rental experience, and once the event has come to an end. Why not allow your guests to forget about their cell phones for a night while still being able to have photos of their experience, their fun, and the great event you are hosting? The Roaming Photo Booth does just that'; no more selfie photos from a phone, when our attendants will take the photos for them, and allow their fun to continue all at the same time.