Denver Selfie Booth

You know you want to, so just do it...

Go on, take a selfie!

Self portraits, aka, selfies are as popular today as they were when they first blew up across social media.

A sudden flurry of faces across the internet was a HUGE sensation!

Let me tell you about MiHi's Selfie Booth. But first, let me take a selfie!

MiHi does the BEST selfies in Denver. We take your event to the next level.

As you know, we don't do lame parties. And we would never do a lame selfie!

No arm length, mirror flash, last gen pic here. You don't need a stick to get great pictures. You get crisp, gorgeous selfies with MiHi everytime!

The ChainSmokers said it best when they asked, "Who wears Cheetah?" in that HUGELY popular 'Selfie Song' from 2015. Don't be THAT girl at THAT party.

If you've got it, flaunt it! Pinch those cheeks, apply lip gloss.

Drop your shades to the bridge and pucker up, Duck Lips! Ready? 3..2..1!

Instant pictures to last forever.

Let's face it. Your selfie just went up to 11. With the perfect lighting, you can't go wrong with MiHi's Selfie Booth.




Attention Event Coordinators- The MiHi Selfie Booth is HERE


You have just hit the jackpot! Gain mega event status by calling MiHi to book a Selfie Booth.

Photo booths are all the trend these days, with or WITHOUT the printing. Make sure you show your guests a great time and entertain them the right way with a Selfie Booth!

We're proud to be Denver's #1 Best Photo Booth.


We will stop by and set up our eye catching, eyebrow raising media magnet, The MiHi Selfie Booth, so you can SLAY your next event! 

We're pulling out all the stops for this one. Want your event to infect social media? Sweet! Take a selfie then share! It's that easy. Our Selfie Booth was MADE for social media sharing.

Don't forget to create a hashtag for your event:



Just kidding (or not)! You can make your own! (Or use these and tag us, we will share!)

Don't worry about being shy. Our un-manned booth has got you covered!

We set up your Selfie Booth and go. Selfies are great with your friends, but you can also take them ALONE!

Our great 'no attendant' pricing can't be beat!

Our Selfie Booth is easy enough your grandma can pose for a quick selfie!


This handsome piece of technology gives you immediate gratification with SMS (tecky lingo for text message) so you can share with your bestie NOW.

Who says you should tag #nofilter? Filter away! With UNLIMITED USAGE, how can you go wrong?

Take it, make it and take it again.

As long as you keep coming back for more, we'll deliver. Right to your venue!

Never Have I Ever.... Had a sleepover with a Photo Booth! Try us. We bring the party to you and stay up all night!

That's right! We rent our Selfie Booth from 3 hour events to multiple days/ nights so you can plan a multi-day trade show, or even a sleepover, to remember.

MiHi's Selfie Booth gives you an advantage over regular selfies because we offer the Swiss Army Knife of photo booths to snap and share the perfect selfie every time!


MiHi Selfie Booth Add On's

  • Tangible Prop Box

  • Backdrop

  • Analytics & Reporting

  • Full Event Branding

  • Slide Shows

Every Selfie Booth offers

  • 3 Hour, all day, or multiple day/ long-term photo booth services

  • Email and SMS Sharing

  • Social Media Sharing

  • GIF Booth

  • Boomerang Booth

  • Filters & Digital Props

  • Custom Design of Photo Template

Corporate events LOVE our booths! Just ask Microsoft. These guys know tech!

We do full event branding. Our sharing feature makes it so easy to get great pictures and share them with your social media. You can set this puppy up anywhere!

Do you want your customers to know what you are up to? Pose for our Selfie Booth and we will get your pictures right where they need to go; right in front of your audiences face!

Set it and forget it! Unless of course, you want to take a Selfie!


Brandable Selfie Booth

Brandable Selfie Booth

The MiHi Selfie Booth is great for all occasions including-


Kids' Birthday Parties


Corporate Events



Holiday Parties

Brand Activations 

Trade Shows



Here's a testimonial from one of our clients!

MiHi Photo Booth came through for us on short notice for our big annual conference: The Campaign for Grade-Level Reading Week that came home to Denver June 2017. In many respects, Denver, Colorado is the birthplace of the GLR Campaign. In June 2012, 14 communities were recognized with the coveted title of All-America City for their focus on grade-level reading. And 124 communities signed on as Charter Members of the GLR Community Network. Since then, the GLR Network has grown to include over 300 communities in 42 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. These local campaigns are supported by 2,300 local organizations and 250+ state and local funders.

With a turn-out of over 500 attendees this GLRWeek 2017, the MiHi Selfie was the perfect recipe to bringing these people together. It was user-friendly, easy to place anywhere, had a nice lighting that attracted people’s attention as they were walking through the hallway of the conference center floor and really great fun, filter options that made them feel like kids again! We received such positive feedback and had over 400 pictures taken throughout that week, so almost every attendee had used this photo booth which confirms its success! A lot of folks asked where we got it from and how they can get it at their event, so we recommended MiHi.

Jeff and his colleague were great at accommodating to our needs, the installation and pick-up time were at our convenience without any issues. Jeff’s colleague even customized our logo and created a design adaptable to the photo screen in light of our event which was a HUGE plus!

I highly recommend MiHi Photo Booth for any and all occasions. We definitely plan to use it again!

Thanks, MiHi, this was the highlight of our week in Denver!