retro_wood photo booth


Having a party and looking for a creative touch? Our groovy photo booth has a quirky design that you won't see in many other places. Combined with a giant beauty dish for the flash, this photo booth not only looks great but will make you look great too!
The Retro Photo Booth will help take your guests back in time at your event. This unique booth will add something extra to your party, that will also add a lot of fun for your guests. Whether planning a party or event to relive a fun time, or focus on something a little more serious, the Retro Booth and props will add some excitement for all those attending. Before everyone had cell phones that could take a picture at the hit of a button, we always had to remember to bring the camera. With our Retro Booth, all that your guests have to do is attend your party and have a great time (we will do the rest for you) and help make memories with photos that are customized to your requests.

As with all of MiHi’s photo booths, the Retro Booth rental is a seamless process, where we handle the photo needs of you and your guests, leaving the rest of the details of your events to have a little more planning time. We will come to your venue, set up, help where needed with the Retro Booth, and make sure that your guests get the best pictures possible before they leave. There are also ways for you and or your guests to obtain the pictures after the night has ended, so make sure to ask us how.



Retro Party Ideas

Looking to plan a retro party, here are some ideas that go hand in hand with our Retro Booth

  • Woodstock

  • Dance Party: Monster Mash or Twist

  • Environmentally based: Earth Day

  • Equal Rights or political change parties

  • Music of the 80’s: Remember Cyndi Lauper or Bon Jovi

  • Oh the 90’s: Where Ghost hit the big screen, and Nintendo was all the rage

  • Dirty Dancing/Footloose theme

  • We can even go as far back as the 60’s and 70’s; lets get creative


Retro Themed Parties

Throwing a party where your family & friends can unwind and have a fun, memorable experience? Something that has a unique touch, that all will enjoy, our Retro Photo Booth will be a perfect pairing to your retro themed party. Looking to re-live the fun of Woodstock, with guests dressed in bell-bottoms and flower prints, maybe celebrate the environment and show the importance of historic times, such as the beginning of Earth Day, the days of MTV and big hair, to the hours of fun playing video games growing up? Let our Retro Photo Booth and props help keep all your memories alive for years to come.


Not Just the Retro Booth, but Retro Props Too

  • Sunglasses and Beads props

  • Flower Power props

  • Earthy Backgrounds

  • Music Backgrounds and instrument props

  • Use our props and bring your own for added fun

No need to just smile for the camera. Use some retro props to add some flare to your photos. Pose and keep the fun going in each shot you take. Props are a unique way, to add something extra to your photos. Whether simple or elaborate, your photos will have a personalized touch with your guests’ choices that will make everyone involved remember and relive the party you are throwing.

The use of props has become a fun addition to photos in recent years. The props that come with our booths upon hire are personal forms of expression that will show the fun side of all your guests. The best part of props, they can be just about anything.

Retro Photo Booths for Hire

Looking to plan a party that will help bring back a simpler time? When the world was changing and people weren’t always in a hurry. Our Retro Photo Booth rental will help add some fun, loving, foot loose energy to any event. The helpful staff at Mihi is always available to help with your rental needs and make the process as fun for you, the planner, as possible. With many options to choose from with our Retro Booth and props, to what kind of prints, and options you would like for your guests, we strive to make sure that all your requests are met, and that photos of your event will last forever. The Retro Photo Booth will be a great rental for your themed party.