Unique, Beautiful, Rustic Photo Booth

A Rustic Photo Booth - Nostalgia, Delivered.


MiHi Photo Booth provides an experience, not just a service. Your special day becomes timeless by commemorating your event with our unique, nostalgic rustic photo booth. Real moments. Natural, raw and un-retouched photos are what make our photo booth pictures a cherished take home gift for each guest that will last long after your event.

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Our Rustic Photo Booth delivers long lasting memories of your special event while offering each guest a professionally designed keepsake to take home to share with friends and loved ones for years to come. MiHi does it right the first time, and delivers high quality, professional photographs time and time again.



Rustic Colorado Theme

With a sturdy wood and iron design, our rustic photo booth is the perfect combination of charming originality and functionality. Your guests will cherish the photos that are printed after each session while reveling in the eye pleasing design complimentary to any rustic style event.

Barn, ranch style or shabby chic, this booth fits seamlessly as the sophisticated camera and high tech software is neatly tucked away within this charming rustic design.

See here how the Evergreen Red Barn in Evergreen, Colorado exudes casual elegance with a charming rustic theme. We ensure professional grade photos while complimenting the decor of your venue.





Rustic Photo Booth Props

Choose from any of a number of rustic photo booth props that will get your guests excited and invite them into the theme of your event in the most memorable way.

Who can resist a fun and snarky word bubble prop?

When you offer props, you offer your guests an interactive experience that can liven up any event. Take them 'back to the day' with nostalgic props from our silly rubber chickens to Gatsby themed bling accessories.

Our rustic photo booth prop box is generously filled to the rim with fun! Your guests will be thrilled to strike a celebratory pose in commemoration of your event as they interact with our fun and event friendly rustic photo booth props. Prop selections are always customized to your event.

My Bridesmaids couldn’t get enough of MiHi’s Rustic Photo Booth at my wedding!
— Caroline E.

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Rustic Photo Booth Backdrop Design

Worried about where to set up for the best photos? We take the worry out of planning as many of our rustic photo booth backdrops are handmade in rich luscious fabrics so that we can offer you the very finest quality backdrop for your event. MiHi offers a variety of colors and textures to choose from. You can even provide your own backdrop! If you don't see what you are looking for in our vast selection, let us know. We are always taking special requests in offering the very best backdrops and can create something unique just for you.


Rustic Photo Booth Backdrop Selections

Think simplicity. Think style. These are the rustic photo booth backdrops that we recommend as being partnered with the Rustic Photo Booth. Our selection of rustic backdrops gives you the opportunity to customize your experience.

Our personal backdrop recommendation to accompany the Rustic Photo Booth is the Gold Chevron. Versatile and flattering to every event, this striking Chevron pattern emboldened by gold commands attention via a simple geometric pattern.

Vintage Cream is another dreamy option for your rustic charmed event. This heavy backdrop proudly displays a bygone era with a diamond shaped pattern swirl embroidered in robin's egg blue/gray. This classic is reminiscent of the thrill of the theater and is sure to please even the most discriminating tastes.

Custom Moss is another favorite backdrop as we can customize a corresponding floral arrangement to suit your event. It's only natural to want to include nature as a backdrop to outdoor events, but when your space is limited, the Custom Moss is the perfect alternative to the great outdoors. This backdrop is a smart choice when using the Rustic Photo Booth.

Not a fan of our recommendations? We have a wide selection that you can choose from by visiting our backdrops page.

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With Every Rustic Photo Booth:

  • On Site Attendant- Professional. Reliable. Every time.

  • Unlimited Sessions- Guest Come Back Again and Again

  • Customized Prop Selection- A box full of Interaction

  • Photo Booth Backdrop- A Variety of Fabrics

  • Custom Photo Strip Design- You Choose, We Deliver

  • Online Gallery- Link to ALL of the Photos of your Event