Video Testimonial Booth 


Video Testimonials - For weddings or for Companies

Video testimonial booths are a great way for your wedding guests to leave a piece of advice for you and your significant other, or your ideal client to leave feedback about your product. These booths have many capabilities, including customized questions, a custom intro/outro videos, and brandable overlays and backgrounds.

How to rent a video testimonial booth

The steps required for renting the video testimonial booths are as follows:

  • Reach out to MiHi and discuss your event with our team

  • Based on our recommendations, you get to choose the questions or prompts asked at your event

  • Determine the maximum length of the videos (you don’t want too much rambling, but there’s always a great story someone wants to tell!)

  • Discuss the design process for the intro/outro videos, call to action, or just a thank you to your guests

  • Viola! We’ll be at your event

  • After your event is over, we will send you all of the clips, or even make you a highlight video comprised of the clips

Video Testimonials - A way to market

No business owner wants to oversell their company. Making it seem like they are tooting their own horn so to speak. With video testimonials, your customers can voice their opinions of your company, products, or services and share their experience with new potential clients or customers. The benefit not only to gain a larger clientele, but if potential new customers have

questions, they may be answered by the video testimonials they watch. Word of mouth advertising is a beneficial way of marketing your business to people who are in the market for what your company offers, and this is another way of doing just that.

Not Sure Where to Begin?

You may like the idea of adding video testimonials into your marketing plan, but unsure of how to go about it. Well don’t worry, we’re here to help. We will come to your location and capture them for you. Our friendly staff will set our booth up and with your pre-selected questions, get your new marketing tool on its way to being productive for you and your company. If you are unsure of what questions you want, we will help with that too. We’ve seen great success in just asking guests and clients what their impression of the product/service is. If you’re looking for more specific information, we can help you with those questions, too.

Wedding Testimonial

Planning a wedding, and want more than just a photo album to remember your special day? Well, we can do that as well. We also do video testimonials for weddings. Our staff will meet with you ahead of time and work out questions you would like your guests to answer, such as “do you have any advice for the newlyweds?”, “where did you meet the bride/groom?”, or “what do you remember most about this special day?”. Once your questions are chosen, we do the rest. With our specialized video testimonials booth, your guests can choose a question and answer it.

This is a great way to cherish your memories. Video Testimonials from your guests will add a special touch when remembering your special day. Especially when you may not have enough time to talk with your guests as much as you would like, or if they have a special message for you.

Have a New Product or Service?

Trying to get the word out about a new product or service, let some video testimonials help with that. Let your product testers or customers share how they feel and ramp up the progress of growth.

Don’t Just Take Our Word for It

There are plenty of ideas out there for how to add a special touch to your event. From music to food and how to hold on to memories captured in photos. With so many options, you may ask yourself “How do I choose?” Well, we want to help take the guess work out of it for you. Our video testimonials speak for themselves. Gain valuable insight from our clients, and learn from their experiences with a video testimonial booth rental. We understand that your time is valuable and that there are many aspects that you need to focus on when planning an event, party, or marketing your growing business. While it may seem like a small detail, those small details do add up and make a big impact. We also understand that it may be a new concept for you to take this step rather than just going with a normal written review, or a photo booth to capture pictures for memories to share in the future. Video testimonials are a sure-fire way to get the word out or hold on to special times with the people that matter most to you.